Incorporating minimalist shoes into your running program.

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So What are the Best Barefoot Running Shoes?

With the advent of research on the change on injury reduction from reduced impact shock levels for barefoot runners vs use of the traditional cushioned running shoe that were formerly  considered  to be our best choice  for running ease and  safety, minimizing shoe influence on the human bodies normal function and adaptation of stride for optimal safety and energy use  has become quite a popular topic  in the running community these days.

The use of technology on collaborating  with man’s natural stride to create the most natural feel and affect in barefoot running shoes for feel, efficient use of effort and shock reduction are delivering an ever increasing variety of minimalist style running shoes which we will  feature here.

Selecting the Optimal set of
Minimalist Running Shoes

Research on the difference in the natural more condensed running stride note that the brain evaluates through feedback from the muscles via the nervous system that the most effective way to strike and leave the ground as we run, in a way that softens impact and it’s  shock to the bones muscles,joints and tendons through the mid foot landing and fore foot landing  which we naturally tend to do when running unshod as opposed to the unnatural landing with the modern padded heel heel that is typically found in  the type of running shoes which have been developed since the 1970’s.

Coming back to a more natural form is resulting in muscle stimulating and refreshing  experiences for athlete's who are moving to the revolution of the minimalist shoe movement worldwide.

Like lots of runners who have have grown used  to the padded heel landing of the traditional running shoe models it is frequently best to transition into the minimalist running shoe use gradually especially for those running moderate to long distances regularly.

Strategies may include alternating minimalist shoes with the runner's traditional shoe for those new to the natural experience, or try selecting combination of of shoes for the transitional process.

The best selection of minimalist running shoes for this adjustment period may make use of hybrid versions which have a bit thicker heel  than the all out barefoot running shoe that you plan  to graduate to over a few weeks time while your muscles adapt to the added work out they will be getting.

While using the extra power derived from the optimized energy use in the lower leg as a result of the natural stride as it propels the runner with natures own perfect un altered stride.

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Incorporating minimalist shoes into your running program.

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Incorporating minimalist shoes into your running program.

This article was published on 2012/01/07