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Road running for boxers isn't just a case of heading out every morning and jogging a few miles before breakfast anymore.

Many people still think that is the case though...All boxers wakening up early in the morning and wearily jogging 3 or 4 miles before breakfast.

While that kind of routine is still a lot better than bouncing your alarm clock off the wall, turning over and going back to sleep again, it isn't really making the best use of your training time.

Boxing is largely a fast paced anaerobic event, so why would you choose to limit your road running to aerobic jogging?...It would be FAR more effective to switch from aerobic jogging to anaerobic running a few days per week.

First of all though, I can't over emphasize enough the importance of a proper "warm-up" before any kind of running, and a "cool down" afterward. The obvious benefits being the prevention of injury and an improved performance as you warm up the body and raise the heart rate in preparation for hard work. More blood flow to the body tissues also improves oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide removal too. Plus psychologically, it helps to focus your attention.

So the best kind of road running would ideally be directly related to the sport you're involved with. In the case of a boxer, that consists of a 2 or 3 minute round(depending if you are an amateur or professional)followed by a one minute rest between rounds.

Therefore your road work should be the same...Bursts of running hard for those 2 or 3 minutes, followed by a 1 minute rest period.

Aim for three or four rounds to begin with, working up to maybe eight or so. Don't go too far beyond that though for fear of over-training.

Try to bring variety into these sessions too. Mix things up a bit with sprints, hill running, and by varying the distance of your runs by incorporating 200, 400, & 800 metre bursts.

This type of training is very intense and your body will need time to recover, so aim to do this kind of road work two or three times a week, with the more traditional 2 to 4 mile run on the other days. These longer runs are still important as they enable your body to endure the harder work.

Ideally you want to do the "sport specific" road work on non-sparring days too, as it's no fun trying to spar with worn out legs!

So in conclusion...If you don't already do this type of road running as part of your training schedule, why don't you give it a go?...There's every chance that after a few weeks of sport specific road running, you will notice a BIG improvement in your work capacity and endurance.

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Road Running For Boxers

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This article was published on 2010/03/29