Walking vs. Running

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Walking and running has always been the most privileged forms of exercise in treadmills. The advantage is very well known as they are simple, inexpensive ant anybody without any special training can do this type of exercises. Sole F80 treadmills is one such treadmill on which an exerciser can do both of these exercise comfortably and easily. But here the question arises about which one is better on Sole F80 treadmills, running or walking.

The answer lies between the choices of exercisers. If someone wants to burn more calories they should go for running on Sole F80 treadmills and if anybody wants low impact exercise they should go for walking. The walking and running on treadmill mainly depends on the outcome the exerciser wants out of the exercise and what treadmill they are using.

Sole F80 treadmills are a highly appreciated treadmill model and are recommended by most of the people who exercise regularly. Walking or running brings different results as you might know. Firstly an exercise should set goal. If he wants to use treadmills for losing fats, staying in shape then running will do the magic for him. If he wants to improve his cardiovascular health then walking is the best option to choose. Another important consideration is if any user has any medical condition or health related issue he should know which exercise option on Sole F80 treadmills are appropriate.

Calorie burning depends on body type and it varies from person to person. If you use Sole f80 treadmills for running, it will burn 30% more calories than walking on that treadmill for the same amount of time. So to lose fatty calories you should start running on treadmills. More running means more calories burnt. So, people who choose walking also have their own reasons. When an exerciser walks on Sole F80 treadmills he can keep going longer than running. Walking limits the stress on joints and is always less tiring than running.

If an exerciser asks for effectiveness probably there is no straight answer. Both running and walking will keep a person in good shape and will help to maintain a sound body and sound mind. Some people prefer to run and others love to walk. Mixing both exercises on Sole F80 treadmills will be best. Whatever you choose, first consult you doctor and it will help you from overusing your calories and also to avoid over training which sometimes causes serious injuries.

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Walking vs. Running

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Walking vs. Running

This article was published on 2011/10/07